Cal Tree Service Inc. provides an extensive line of horticulture related service, including tree care, consulting, landscape, and land management. The information listed below gives an outline of the several types of services offered. We are an environmentally sensitive company that seeks to preserve trees and other natural resources for future generations. We provide 24-hour emergency responds team that will handle your needs whenever needed. |


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Pruning trees can be dangerous work. If pruning involves working on large trees the knowledge and use of specialized equipment is very important, not only for the safety of the person(s) pruning the tree but also for the surrounding property where the tree stands; homes, businesses, automobiles, on lookers and passers by can be put at serious and unnecessary risks'. Other considerations need to be taken as well when working on trees that are next-to or near-by electrical power lines or have electrical lines running through their branches.
A professional arborist can provide the services of a trained crew, all the required safety equipment, liability insurance and of course the knowledge and experience that can only come with the job |

Tree Removal

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Tree removal in most urban and suburban landscapes presents a challenge. Trees in neighborhoods often are surrounded by other valuable plantings or structures. Tree removals, especially for large trees, require careful dismantling by highly trained personnel utilizing state-of-the-art machinery to ensure your safety and the protection of your home and property. The use of specialized equipment during tree removals is determined by the conditions on your landscape, branch architecture, and the soundness of your tree. A standard tree removal includes taking down a tree, chipping all brush, cutting all wood into 20" logs, and cutting the stumps as flush as possible to the ground. Wood will be stacked at or near the base of the tree. We also can provide stump removal and wood disposal services. |

Tree Planting

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Proper handling during planting is essential to ensure a healthy future for new trees and shrubs. Before you begin planting your tree, be sure you have had all underground utilities located prior to digging.
If the tree you are planting is balled or bare root, it is important to understand that its root system has been reduced by 90 to 95 percent of its original size during transplanting. As a result of the trauma caused by the digging process, trees commonly exhibit what is known as transplant shock. Containerized trees may also experience transplant shock, particularly if they have circling roots that must be cut. Transplant shock is indicated by slow growth and reduced vigor following transplanting. Proper site preparation before and during planting coupled with good follow-up care reduces the amount of time the plant experiences transplant shock and allows the tree to quickly establish in its new location. |

Tree Values

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Almost everyone knows that trees and other living plants are valuable. They beautify our surroundings, purify our air, act as sound barriers, manufacture precious oxygen, and help us save energy through their cooling shade in summer and their wind reduction in winter. Many people donít realize, however, that plants have a dollar value of their own that can be measured by competent plant appraisers.
If your trees or shrubs are damaged or destroyed, you may be able to recapture your loss through an insurance claim or as a deduction from your federal income tax.  |

Land & Site Clearing

Cal Tree Service, Inc. has the ultimate land-clearing machine in the industry. It happens to be the second largest horizontal grinder in the Bandit Industries family. Our unit, the 4680 Beast Recycler, is the perfect choice to convert wood and other green waste material into recyclable products. The beast is capable of reducing the size of this material for landfill purposes. Equipped with a 1000 horsepower Cat diesel engine, the Beast can grind whole trees, stumps, rootballs, pallets, green waste, and even palm trees. These unwanted waste materials are transformed into beautiful 1í to 2í mulch ready for use. Our company provides custom contract grinding services to construction contractors, commercial, private residences, multi-unit HOA, property managers, land developers, public works, school districts, municipal projects, military contracts, and golf courses. The Beast can be easily transported to these various job sites.  |

Hydroseeding, Drainage and erosion control

Is an important process and one of the stages of completing a landscape build. It will keep your water costs down and also help save your lawn and house from excess water buildup. We offer temporary measures grass, mulch, matting, barriers and boulders. More permeate measures can also be taken roof gutters, drain sprouts, underground tubing, PVC piping, trenches and French drains. |

Golf Course Tree Care

We have extensive experience from the past 15 years of providing golf course maintanence. Our equipment is specifaclly for golf courses to minamize any damage to the fairways. We provide safe and effient work to make sure there is no disturbance to other golfers on a golf course.
Our clients are: Fairbanks Golf Course, Pala Mesa Golf Course, La Costa Spa and Resort, The Brigs, Bear Creek Golf Course, San Marcos Golf Course, Oceanside Golf Course... |

Mapping Service

Before any work begins a tree inventory is necessary. By providing a tree inventory by species and tree numbering, it will give a better overview of your property. Cal Tree Service, Inc. has a service of GPS maping to give an overlook of all the trees on site. |

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